Starting from the 16th of January 2024 the first documentary film by BIP ‘Connected’ is live on Amazon Prime and Apple TV for you to discover!

Our first documentary film analyses one of the most discussed and intriguing new technologies of the last few decades: Artificial Intelligence and especially its usage and benefits on the professional world.

‘Are we on the brink of a bright future?’. This is one of the questions that welcome the audience to discover ‘Connected’, its contributors and their voices.

‘What is the impact of technology and AI, on our daily life? Is there any relevant regulation?’ Andrea Taglioni, BIP Partner & Global Competence manager DATA & AI BIP xTech and one of the contributors, underlines that ‘technology should serve humans to improve their lives’ and supports the urge to accompany the entire population, from education to employment, towards the transition to the near future.

Different points of view are proposed by direct users belonging to a variety of industries – consulting, entertainment, graphics, and much more. What is certain is that technology is everywhere, and we will be all connected.

Enjoy the documentary film ‘Connected’ at the following links:

Amazon Prime

Apple TV

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