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Today (Monday, 26 June), BIP Group have announced a partnership with Credo AI to help clients address the emerging need to govern AI solutions responsibly.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionise industries worldwide, ensuring the ethical and responsible use of AI solutions has become a critical concern for businesses and society as a whole.

Today, BIP Group have announced a partnership with Credo AI, known for its leading Responsible AI Governance Platform that empowers organizations to deliver and adopt artificial intelligence responsibly by proactively measuring, monitoring and managing AI risks.

BIP Group brings a wealth of expertise in AI Governance, Data Governance and Data Science to the market where they work with clients in industries such as Finance, Insurance, Energy, Industrial, Telco, Life Sciences, Government & Public Sector and more. Despite BIP already having extensive experience supporting clients in developing, governing and managing AI solutions, their new partnership with Credo AI will ensure that clients can continue to maximise the potential of AI, minimise any potential risk and achieve Quality at Scale.

The Credo AI Responsible AI Governance Platform supports the adoption of AI and provides users with the means to monitor and manage risks across the machine learning and AI lifecycles. It incorporates emerging regulatory requirements to ensure that firms stay compliant with the necessary rules and standards and allows users to confidently adopt AI solutions that maximise return on investment whilst minimising risk.

BIP Group and Credo AI are committed to empowering businesses to operationalize responsible AI practices from a business change perspective and through Credo AI’s Responsible AI Governance Platform to both improve best practice and to support emerging obligations from regulations, including compliance with the EU AI Act.

The Role of Partnerships in AI Governance

BIP Group, together with Credo AI, will work closely with channel partners to advance the widespread adoption of Responsible AI (RAI) and enhance the organizational capacity of businesses to embrace RAI practices through comprehensive and contextual governance. This partnership will support the capability of organizations to;

1) Adopt AI technologies confidently to deliver on an enterprise’s top, bottom, and green-line growth goals. This is especially critical for new innovations like Generative AI, where governance from the onset can help organizations understand and manage their risks while reaping their benefits.

2) Accelerate AI innovation through comprehensive governance. BIP Group’s industry expertise and Credo AI’s governance software will help to standardize & scale the best responsible AI practices and frameworks across the entire AI lifecycle.  Credo AI’s platform together with BIP Group’s change management and AI Governance expertise we can meet the needs of the AI enterprise wherever they are in their Responsible AI journey.

3) Augment future-proofing an enterprise. In the age of AI, an enterprise’s success will depend on how quickly it can adapt to the changing technological, geo-political, and regulatory landscape to deliver on its Responsible AI goals. In this ever-changing global world, our expertise and regional context, combined with Credo AI’s contextual governance software, we can help organizations navigate these changes effectively, economically, and efficiently.

BIP Group: Driving AI Governance in Europe and Across the World

When it comes to championing AI governance in the European and global landscapes, BIP Group stands at the forefront. With their expertise in data governance and data science at scale, BIP Group brings a deep understanding of the market and the needs of regulated industries.

BIP Group recognizes the importance of organizations becoming autonomous and resilient in their AI endeavors, and have chosen to partner with Credo AI due to the strong alignment with their vision. The Credo AI platform enables the BIP Group AI governance approach to come to life and empowers customers to build their AI Governance readiness independently.

Credo AI: The Partner to Operationalize Responsible AI and support with EU AI Act Readiness

BIP’s expertise in data governance and data science at scale perfectly complements the capabilities of Credo AI’s platform, which provides the necessary tools to bring their governance framework to solve business needs and ensure readiness to track and report on compliance with the EU AI Act’s requirements.

By leveraging the Responsible AI Governance platform, BIP Group can confidently implement AI initiatives with the assurance of adhering to responsible AI practices and robust governance frameworks across their enterprise clients. This partnership allows both organizations to combine their strengths and effectively navigate AI and governance’s complex and emerging landscape.

A step in the right direction.

In an era where responsible AI is of utmost importance, channel partnerships that promote AI governance and data ethics are crucial. The collaboration between BIP Group and Credo AI exemplifies our shared vision of driving AI governance globally. Together, we are taking a significant step towards empowering organizations to harness the potential of AI while upholding responsible and sustainable AI practices.

Massimiliano Cimnaghi, Global Data Enablement Competence Leader at BIP, commented:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Credo AI. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions to our clients’ evolving needs. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to supporting our clients’ data-driven transformation in an effective and responsible way.”

Giovanni Leoni, Head of Business Strategy & Development at Credo AI, commented:

“We at Credo AI are delighted with sharing the news of our partnership with BIP. Our common mission to enable enterprises to adopt AI at scale by having AI governance as core capability which will make true difference for the customers we will serve together going forward. This partnership is a clear confirmation of Credo AI commitment to meet customers where they are in their need to build AI Governance, in Europe and beyond”.

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